Popular business man deeply regrets selling his name

A LIFE-LONG Gladstone business man with an impeccable record of public service made Len Smith Carpet Court a heavyweight with his name, but now he wants it removed.

Mr Smith is now semi retired and loving life but he still has one wish so he can continue with his new life.

Mr Smith, pictured, who rose to prominence within the franchise in the 1990s as Chairman of the Board of Carpet Court Directors, said 12 years after he sold the business in January, 2005, it is time his name is removed.

"One would think after a few years they would want to stand on their own record, but they still want to stand on my record," he said.

"The time has come for these guys to stand on their own two feet."

Len Smith is now enjoying retirement after years of running the business.
Len Smith is now enjoying retirement after years of running the business. Mike Richards GLA240217SMITH


After a number of attempts in private, Mr Smith has gone public with his request to have his name removed.

This follows an Observer report that the Australian Taxation Office had moved to shut down Len Smith Carpet Court only last month.


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Carpet Court Gladstone.
Carpet Court Gladstone. Mike Richards GLA311216COURT

Len Smith, a former councillor at Gladstone Regional Council and mayoral candidate, said he wrote to a director of the company "two or three years ago" asking for his name to be removed.

"I've written to them once and I've spoken to one of their directors on a number of occasions asking them to remove my name from the business," he said.

But Len Smith remains printed above the shop's front door. A Google search of "Carpet Court Gladstone" returns business details for Len Smith Carpet Court. And Len Smith heard for years after he had sold it, people were still calling and asking for him.

"People still thought I owned the business," he said. "It was never our intention that they would be using it for this long."

Mr Smith said his predicament served as a warning to other business owners, who should agree on a period of time before their name needs to be removed.

"In fairness to the organisation (Len Smith Carpet Court), we didn't set any moratorium with the fact that they were going to use my name on the business," he said.

"While it's a nice feeling to think that your business is going to carry on under your name, there's probably as many bad things that can happen as there are good things. I would recommend to others to be careful, or set a moratorium."

Mr Smith is now placing his time and energy into his rental properties and spending time with family.

The Observer gave Len Smith Carpet Court an opportunity to respond but its owners declined.

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