Neighbour's roof smashes into home

VIDEO: Timber pierces through shower, mirror during CQ storm

NICK Martorana's home in Moranbah is now something of a battleground, there is sheet metal lying around and timber lodged through his walls.

The damage was all caused by a short but intense super cell which tore through Moranbah and Central Queensland on Tuesday.


The worst hit areas included Moranbah (104kmh wind gusts at 7.02pm), Emerald (90kmh wind gusts at 5.57pm) and Clermont (93kmh wind gusts at 5.53pm).

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Mr Martorana was in his backyard when the wind picked up on Tuesday night.

"The wind picked up in a matter of no time, I went inside with the dog and I heard a big bang," he said.



"I wasn't sure if it was a big tree. I walked out the front to see if my car was all right and I saw all the sheet steel laying around and over the back of my rental and all over the front.

"In my spare bathroom in the back of my house where the sheet steel was laying on top of, two pieces of wood had pierced through the shower and through the mirror and also one (went) through the window and pierced through the hallway wall and into the mattress."

Mr Martorana said the timber and sheet steel all come from a neighbour's roof from across the road.

This morning the 21-year-old was living around the mess, leaving the destruction to be witnessed by his real estate agent.

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