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Tialeigh Palmer death may lead to blue card changes

DETAILS of investigations into blue card holders who are suspects in serious offences would be provided to child protection agencies under proposed new reforms.

The review into information sharing between agencies, which was commissioned after the death of Logan schoolgirl Tiahleigh Palmer, made the recommendation along with 16 others to improve the safety of children in home-based care.

The move would allow police to pass on information to Blue Card Services when they believe a person is a suspect in child sexual offences, homicide or possession of child exploitation material.

Blue Card Services would also be allowed to provide that information to regulatory bodies such as the Education Department.

"This better establishes the balance between investigating and prosecuting criminal offences and maintaining the safety of children who may be exposed to individuals suspected of committing serious child-related offences," the report said.

As a result of the review, 18 foster or kinship carers and four family day care educators had their blue cards suspended or cancelled.

"Regular visitors" to daycare services would be required to get a blue card, similar to rules covering foster care homes.

The review also noted QPS and Blue Card Services need to work together to identify regulatory changes needed to release information about a person's international criminal history.

Another key recommendation was to set up a centralised database of all child-related employment or businesses - such as foster care and day care - to allow information to be shared between agencies such as the Education Department, Child Safety Services and the Office of the Public Guardian.

The review was done by the Queensland Family and Child Commission.

A further over-arching review into Queensland Health and Child Safety Department's actions and responses relating to the death of Caboolture toddler Mason Lee is expected to be released next month.

Tiahleigh Palmer's foster father Rick Thorburn is in custody accused of the 12-year-old's murder. He is accused of killing her to cover up his son Trent's incestuous relationship with her.

Trent Thorburn has been charged with incest.

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