THREE Flynn candidates faced off in a debate over the hot issues for Gladstone.

They had their chance to plug the policies of the Labor, LNP and Katter's Australia Party, but it was the hard questions from some of Gladstone's power hitters that had them stalling, doubling back and avoiding the detail the crowd wanted.

The "great debate" was part of a GAPDL business luncheon held at the Harvey Road Tavern on Thursday.

The candidates - Ken O'Dowd, Chris Trevor and Richard Love - touched on how to tackle the supermarket duopoly, how local government should be funded, how to cope with the boom-bust cycle, the carbon tax, and how to reduce national debt.

Mr O'Dowd said the annual interest from Australia's debt would alone fund an National Disability Insurance Scheme.

In comparison, Mr Trevor said Australia was well positioned financially, with one of the lowest debts per capita.

When asked whether voters would see "re-hashed" policies, after Wednesday's ALP trade schools announcement was found to have already been promised back in 2007, and not yet delivered, Mr Trevor said he didn't understand the question.

"I have never broken one of my promises to this community, not one," he said.

Mr Trevor made another election promise before the debate, to fund $550,000 of a $1.5 million redevelopment of Barney Point.

Mr O'Dowd would not match Labor's commitment on the Kin Kora roundabout, but said it was a "worthy cause".

"All of our money for policies hasn't been announced yet," he said.

Want to know what the Federal Election means for Flynn? You can find a comprehensive guide to the seat of Flynn here.


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Candidates for Flynn

  • Ken O'Dowd, Liberal National Party
  • Chris Trevor, Australian Labor Party
  • Steve Ensby, Palmer United Party
  • Duncan Scott, Independent
  • Richard Love, Katter's Australian Party
  • Serena Thompson, Australian Greens
  • Renae Moldre, Family First Party


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