REVEALED: Gladstone and region's new unemployment rate

HOPES of Gladstone clawing back its confidence in employment have dwindled after new reports found it had the fourth highest unemployment rate in the state.

The unemployment rate for the Fitzroy region, which includes Gladstone and Rockhampton, is sitting at 6.7%.

It has edged higher in the past three months compared to 5.9% in January.

The new Labour Force statistics show the Gladstone region continues to struggle with unemployment.

Figures show 11,838 residents receive government support.

The stats

Fitzroy unemployment rate 6.7%

Unemployed 15+ 8300

Total jobactive caseload: 11,838

Youth jobactive caseload (15-24): 2801

Jobactive caseload (50+): 2642

It's also a tough market for people looking for a job, with 8300 in the unemployment pool.

Cairns, Wide Bay and Sunshine Coast and Townsville all had higher unemployment rates.

The Wide Bay and Sunshine Coast unemployment rate sits at 6.9%.

Shadow treasurer Scott Emerson said the new figures confirmed the state's troubles, finding Queensland had the second highest unemployment rate, behind South Australia.

"Queensland is leading the nation in business bankruptcies and wages growth is the second worst in the country," he said.

"It's not good enough that Queensland has the second highest unemployment rate in the country."

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