'Thirsty' Kmart mums fond of hunky Mackay sparky

Mackay's Laura Ryan was overwhelmed with comments from her post about a make-up table on Kmart Mums Australia, with mums across the nation fawning over her partner Lloyd Westwood snapped mid-DIY project.
Mackay's Laura Ryan was overwhelmed with comments from her post about a make-up table on Kmart Mums Australia, with mums across the nation fawning over her partner Lloyd Westwood snapped mid-DIY project. Facebook

WHAT began as an innocent post about a DIY project quickly turned viral as women on a Kmart mums Facebook page were distracted by the strapping bloke putting the table together.

"My makeup table is well underway thanks to Kmart for supplying the goods for the table top! Just need a vanity stool and makeup mirror to top it off," Mackay recruitment officer Laura Ryan posted, sharing two images of the purple sparkling table.

But the conversation quickly turned less about her decorating prowess and more about the muscular man photobombing the crafty project.

"Table? What table?" Jenny Parsons asked.

"Where in Kmart do I find him?" Christina Riveral Apolinario asked.

"Didn't even notice the table. Dayyyymm those arms," Samantha Jayne offered.


Laura Ryan's post on Kmart Mums Australia.
Laura Ryan's post on Kmart Mums Australia. Facebook

A few mums asked what aisle they could find a similar-looking bloke to help put together their Kmart hacks.

Laura told The Daily Mercury that the man in the photo was her partner of two years, Lloyd Westwood, who works in Mackay as an electrician.

"He wasn't expecting the attention that we received," Laura said.

"It was quite overwhelming and unexpected considering it was a simple picture I took of him doing some basic DIY on a normal Sunday night."


Laura Ryan and partner Lloyd Westwood.
Laura Ryan and partner Lloyd Westwood.

She said it was the couple's first time doing a Kmart DIY, and posted the photos to the page -- where Kmart lovers post bargains and 'hacks' for transforming products from the superstore.

The post was getting so out of hand and off topic quickly, that the moderators disabled comments.

"To be honest, I was a bit shocked that all the complimenting comments come through so quickly," Laura laughed.

"It definitely entertained me but it didn't really bother me as they were harmless. All the comments were lovely - it's nice to know that the ladies think I'm a lucky girl."

She replied to one lady who asked where to find the buff product in her own Kmart store saying "you can find him in the hubba bubba section of Kmart haha" and also jokingly adding "Thirsty Kmart mums".

"I was trying to reply to everyone's comments but my next notification was that comments were turned off," Laura said.

"I was secretly a bit disappointed when they done that as it was very entertaining and the comments were coming in so quickly. After that, some of the ladies started commenting on the photo of Lloyd instead of the post."

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