Buy Local business policy helps Gladstone economy

LOCAL businesses supporting other local businesses are essential in building a healthy local economy.

Although Gladstone is surrounded by large-scale industry projects, very few of our small businesses directly provide goods and services to the major corporations.

Instead it is the relationship that small business has with small business that keeps the local economy turning.

I can't stress enough the importance of keeping our business dollar local.

Last year my company pulled together our own Buy Local Policy.

As we are a small company we kept it simple but very meaningful to us. We had a meeting of directors to determine why we should have a policy and what should it have in it, which was actually extremely inspirational.

We decided to it was our responsibility as part of the local business community to spell out exactly why we should Buy Local and what commitment we as a company have to buying locally.

Our policy highlighted that by our small company buying locally it contributes not only to a greater financial spin-off for other local businesses, but expands the local knowledge available to our company and assists in minimising the overall ongoing operational costs of our projects, which is a big bonus for us.

Not only are our operational costs reduced, our time spent looking for businesses to meet our needs is decreased and we have now established relationships with other local businesses ready to work with us to obtain excellent results.

We just love that.

Our Buy Local Policy is really very simple. It states that we will:

  • Think local first when purchasing
  • Invite local businesses to tender
  • Have a 10% weighting to local tenderers
  • Buy local whenever and wherever possible
  • Assist in creating consumer demand
  • Build the capacity of local businesses by giving them a go and work with suppliers to deliver the standard that is required
  • Encourage businesses from out of town to use local sub-contractors

I ask all local businesses to consider creating a Buy Local Policy.

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