Drivers in Gladstone continue to test drink driving limit

The best way to stay under the limit when driving is to put some time between when you drink and when you drive.
The best way to stay under the limit when driving is to put some time between when you drink and when you drive. Contributed

PEOPLE in Gladstone are continuing to test the boundaries of how much alcohol it takes to be over the limit, according to Magistrate Russel Warfield.

He told Gladstone Magistrates Court on Monday that many were learning the hard way when it came to blood alcohol levels.

"People don't realise how easy it is to be over," he said.

Magistrate Warfield said people must have a misconception of what 0.05 felt like.

"Bottom line is, if you consume any alcohol, there is a chance you will be over,'' he said.

"Alcohol and motor vehicles just don't go together."

Prominent local GP Dr Gaston Boulanger said even the morning after drinking, people weren't necessarily okay to drive.

"Alcohol is a bit of a devil," he said. "It's very easy to be over the limit. I personally think if you drink then you shouldn't drive."

Dr Boulanger said a rough guide was to wait an hour per drink before jumping behind the wheel.

"If you drink 20 beers, it will take 20 hours to go through your system," he said.

When it comes to staying below 0.05 there are many factors to consider.

Dr Boulanger said while time was your best bet to staying under the limit, other issues such as genetics and medication also played a part.

"Genetic differences are very important," he said.

"For example, it takes men much less time and Asians much more time to process alcohol."

Despite what people may think, it's all up to your liver, so coffee, cold showers, vomiting and exercise won't make a different to your blood alcohol concentration.

For that reason, medications also make a big difference, Dr Boulanger said.

"Your liver is fighting to break down both the medication and the alcohol," he said.

He said the only thing that would reduce your chances of being over the limit was time.

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