Deardrie Keleher, of PRD Nationwide, Gladstone.
Deardrie Keleher, of PRD Nationwide, Gladstone. Chris Chan

Things you need to know before selling your property

TANNUM Sands PRDNationwide property consultant Deardrie Keleher discusses what is essential to know when selling your property.

What are the major aspects that should be considered before selling your house?

Preparation  is extremely important. Sometimes little things for a vendor are big things for a buyer - for example chipped paint, dirty carpets, weeds in the garden etc. 

Also de-clutter if you are able to, as rooms can appear smaller when there is a lot of furniture.

Depending on why you are selling your property, do your figures and ensure that you know what you want your financial outcome to be.

Be patient. It only takes one party to buy your property and it can take time especially in a changing market.

Take on board all feedback and don't take it to heart. Remember that everyone's needs are different.

How do you know if you're getting the best price selling your house?

Trust your agent. A good agent will show you comparisons in the area of properties for sale and past sales.

You should be fully informed of the market as the agent knows the market trends.

Usually a vendor does believe that their property is worth more than the market value.

This is because there is a connection or history with the home or they are comparing it with other properties that aren't necessarily the same.

The agent will negotiate between the vendor and buyer to ensure that the best price is achieved and a good outcome for all.

What questions should you ask the real estate you choose to sell your house?

Ensure that you are fully informed of relevant costs involved, fees, marketing strategies and open homes.

You should feel that you can contact your agent at any time with any queries.

When is a good time to sell?

Depending on your motivation and circumstances, it is ultimately up to the vendor when they wish to sell their property.

The market in Gladstone and other areas Australia-wide do fluctuate and it really does depend on demand if a property sells.

What renovations are important before selling?

Before embarking on any major renovations prior to selling, you should discuss things with your agent to ensure that you do not overcapitalise on your expenses.

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