We will be seeing a lot more of this guy around the traps and on TV.
We will be seeing a lot more of this guy around the traps and on TV. Marc Stapelberg

There's an election coming, can you give a dollar a day?

SO there could be 74 days until an election.

Imagine all the money both major parties could spend on an election campaign.

And already the appeals have started for some cash.

The ALP on Tuesday morning sent out an email to its supporters, asking for a donation.

"Today we start the longest federal election campaign on record − and it's a campaign we can win − but with the polls at 50/50 we have to tip the scales or we'll have three more years of cruel Liberal cuts and a Prime Minister who says one thing, but does another,'' national secretary George Wright says in an appeal to the faithful.

"(Name) when we ask for your help you probably wonder whether it will really make a difference.

"I'm telling you that today, it will make ALL the difference. This is real, we can win this, but we can't win it without you. Maybe you think someone else will chip in, and they might, but we really need you to as well.

"Can you help us win the election and deliver a government for Australians that puts people first?

Who would you pay to get rid of at the election?

This poll ended on 26 April 2016.

Current Results

Malcolm Turnbull and the LNP


Bill Shorten and the ALP


Clive Palmer and PUP


The Greens


All of them


I wouldn't waste my money on election funds


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

"And none of that becomes a reality unless we win.

"The truth is, whether or not we wake up on Sunday the 3rd of July with three more years of this government in large part comes down to cold, hard cash - if we can't pay for a strong campaign, we simply won't be loud enough to call out the Coalition's lies and mean hearted budget cuts.

"From cuts to hospitals and plans to privatise Medicare, cuts to schools and kids dental to $100,000 university degrees, the roll back of marine reserves and plans to scrap penalty rates Australians rely on, we all have plenty of reasons to fight for an end to the Abbott/ Turnbull era.

"It's a long campaign and long campaigns cost more. We'll give this everything we've got, and for the country's sake, we need you in our corner."

P.S. it's now 74 days until polling day, if you didn't already click on one of those big red donate buttons earlier, what about chipping in a dollar a day here? I promise, it makes all the difference.

No doubt the Libs will be doing exactly the same.

Whether Clive Palmer's Palmer United Party will have the same amount of cash to throw at this year's election is yet to be seen.

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