Quick therapy expert upskills region's guidance officers

GUIDANCE officers from across central Queensland have come to Gladstone for a workshop run by Michael Durrant, a leading expert in solution-focused brief therapy.

Trainer and psychologist Mr Durant is the director of Brief Therapy Institute of Sydney, and said the approach worked by focusing on the future rather than what people wanted to leave behind.

"It can tend to be a little bit quicker, which in a school context, where there's a lot of different demands on people, it is useful," he said.

"It's not about ignoring problems, but it's saying sometimes we don't need to understand exactly why it happened in order to solve it."

Central Queensland region senior guidance officer Linda Velli said having the workshop in Gladstone was significant for the region, and the training would improve their officers' skills in dealing with students' needs.

"To have someone of this quality to travel here and present something to us here is really something great for us," she said.

"By having people together and having this high level up-skilling, it's significant because people are able to go back to schools and offer services at a higher level," Ms Velli said.

Emerald guidance officer Lesley Jarrett said the workshop allowed her to up-skill and also network with others.

"It's good professional training but also networking as well. Usually you're the only (guidance officer) in a couple of hundred kilometres," she said.

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