Slain family trial jurors warned to expect graphic evidence

THE trial against the man accused of slaying five members of his family as they slept in their North Epping home, has begun in Sydney.

Lian Bin "Robert" Xie has pleaded not-guilty to the murders of his brother-in-law Min Lin and his wife Lily, her sister Irene and their nine and 12-year-old sons Henry and Terry.

Jurors have been warned to expect graphic evidence during the trial, which is also expected to hear from the Lin's only surviving child, who was overseas when the alleged massacre took place.

The opening address is expected to begin on Friday morning.

Police will allege Xie was motivated by jealousy and a desire to inherit the family newsagency when he bludgeoned the family to death.

In a bizarre twist, the high profile case attracted the attention of balcony killer Simon Gittany's girlfriend Rachelle Louise.

Dressed in what appeared to be a disguise - a blue hooded jumper and shades were a far cry from the glamorous dresses and heels she donned during the Gittany trial.

When her boyfriend was convicted earlier this year over the murder of his former fiance' Lisa Harnum, Ms Louise staged a series of dramatic protests outside the NSW Supreme Court and vowed to help with the appeal.

The model/actress, who described Gittany in court as "the best boyfriend ever", also gave an exclusive interview with Sunday Night, during which she expressed her wish to train as a lawyer and prove Gittany's innocence.

The Lin trial is expected to run for up to four months.

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