The Screaming Jets are making their way to Gladstone in 2017.
The Screaming Jets are making their way to Gladstone in 2017. Contributed.

The Screaming Jets are coming to town

TOPLESS women throwing their bras on stage could only happen at an Aussie rock concert.

Rock legend Dave Gleeson said they've always had wild fans, some sticking out more than others.

"At a gig recently there were girls showing their boobs, but one was looking at us with a strange look on her face,” Gleeson said.

"Our roadie through her back her bra to put it back on and the last thing I saw was her having a fight with big boobs flying around and throwing punches.”

Fighting at The Screaming Jets concerts has come a long way from the 80's, but a great energy and vibe still runs through every show.

Exploding on stage is something the lead vocalist does best, even after drinking ten beers before a show.

"We used to drink Jack Daniels like it was water back in the day...we're a bunch of mates and would have a few looseners,” Gleeson said.

"I hadn't seen my brother for 12 months so had about 10 beers before going on stage, I learned a lesson there.”

Still performing 27 years after forming the band, Gleeson has given up "smoking ciggers” and going to nightclubs after shows to help preserve his voice.

Paul and Gleeson are the last two founding members still performing in The Screaming Jets.

"Obviously, like every good rock star I expected that by 27 I'd be dead,” he said.

Pumping crowds up and having "a yarn” has always been Gleeson's performance style, but the digital age has changed the industry.

"MP3s sound like s** people are one trick ponies, they may get one million views on YouTube but they sound like crap.”

Gleeson said the band performs songs about domestic violence and homelessness to make a point about important issues.

Renouned for speaking his mind on stage, Gleeson's hard rock performance is often followed by "spitting venom if there's something that grinds [his] gears”.

"I say stuff I say down at the pub, but instead I say it in front of 400 or 500 mates in the room.

"I'm not on social media, but I'm on stage, if you wanna hear what Dave has to say you have to come to a gig.”

With Newcastle roots, The Screaming Jets have sold albums and toured world wide and have hit number 10 in the Australian ARIA Charts and number two in the Independent Music Chart.

Putting their success all down to luck, The Screaming Jets are bringing the third leg of the Chromozone Tour to Gladstone.

And when they're not on stage exciting crowds, the band spend six to seven hours in the car "telling jokes, making gross noises and smells...carrying on like a bunch of teenagers”, doing their own thing in the music industry.

"We're a bunch of nice guys, a bunch of knock around blokes who love to get out there and perform,” Gleeson said.

"We're the best live band going around so come and see it before your naked steaming eyes.”

The Screaming Jets are set to stop Gladstone with a full band experience, not just "a bloke on stage with a laptop”.

The Screaming Jets are performing at Harvey Road Tavern, Saturday, February 25 2017.

Tickets for sale here.

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