SUNNY FUTURE: Lachlan Elliott and Jason Stanhope were selected in the AFL Suns Cap Academy late last year. Both will be key players for the Cobras in the next few days. INSET: Adam Hull.
SUNNY FUTURE: Lachlan Elliott and Jason Stanhope were selected in the AFL Suns Cap Academy late last year. Both will be key players for the Cobras in the next few days. INSET: Adam Hull. Matt Taylor GLA271118SUNS

The Saints and Gladstone Suns clubs will be well represented

AUSSIE RULES: Cobras coach Michael Kreun knows a lot about the great Australian game having played it in Victoria and on the Sunshine Coast and now with Rockhampton Panthers.

He'll use all of that experience to send key messages to the under-16 Cobras players during the Gold Coast Suns Academy North Queensland Series in Townsville from tomorrow to Sunday.

Adam Hull boots it.
Adam Hull boots it. Nick Kossatch GLA260818U15S

BITS Saints trio of Ryan Shanks, Adam Hull and Jordan Jacobsen and Gladstone Suns duo Jason Stanhope and Lachlan Elliott are in the Cobras team.

"Shanksy (Ryan Shanks) is a a class act and what he lacks in height he makes up for with game awareness and he reads the play so well," Kreun said.

"He's always in the right position and his fitness and skill set is second to none and was first picked in our side."

Kreun said Adam will be used as a key forward because of his mobility and strong marking while Jordan's foot skills in defence will be key.

"He's a no-fuss footballer with a great get-out kick down in defence which is where we have played him across half back and he reads the play well down there," Kreun said.

The coach was impressed with Jason as well. "Jason is new to the game, but obviously is height is his greatest asset and will go through the ruck," he said.

"It's been his progress around the ground which has got my attention and every week he is getting better.

Kreun then described what Lachlan did in a practice game against Wide Bay just recently which convinced him of his talents.

"We went to bring him off for a spell, but then the ball was kicked into his direction and Lachlan had a three to four-minute play where he had two smothers, three tackles and about half a dozen pressure acts which resulted in setting up a goal for us from basically a three-on-one contest Wide Bay's way.

Kreun said percentage plays such as this is what he is after in players. "As much as we want class, we also want hard-working footballers which he showed me he is very capable of," he said.

Cobras will play Cape York in game one followed by games against Mackay, Townsville and Cairns. "They are a quick exciting team from what I've heard so good to get them first off as they will only grow as the comp progresses," Kreun said

"We should make a good showing against McKay and Townsville and Cairns is the team to beat...they are very strong."

A North Queensland team will then be picked after the series in Townsville.

About the coach:

I'm from a little town called Corowa which is on the border of NSW and Victoria on the Murray river.

I moved up to Rockhampton and have friends who work in the mines, so it was word-of-mouth really.

Rocky Panthers got a hold of me in mid-2017 and I came up and watched a game and the club was really welcoming.

I watched a full day of footy from under-13 all the way to seniors men.

The junior set-up down there was very well done and something that we now are very proud of having some good juniors rolling through the club.

I suppose what got me was the coaching role offered.

Coaching is something I'm very passionate about.

I've coached juniors down home and been senior assistant a couple of times as well.

I coached the U17 rep team in 2013 for the huge league so I've been around junior football all my life and really big on setting a senior standard at an early age so the boys are ready for the time when it comes to playing senior footy .

I've played down Sunny Coast for the Noosa Tigers and also down in Melbourne as well.

I just want to do whatever I can to help the club to move forward in a positive way.

We have lost a couple, but recruited some quality as well which will help us out this year.

There's some old names back which is great for depth and hopefully getting a first and second grade both playing similar footy then having that big gap which will only benefit the club.

Definitely not getting too carried away as the whole league knows how big the job is at hand with Yeppoon, but we want to be competitive and really get some respect back which I think this year we will as we are making inroads already and it's not even round one.

Yeppoon are one of the best country footy teams I've seen in my time.

I know the rest of the comp probably make them look even better at times, but good sides don't go away from their game-plan and everyone knows their role and sticks to it.

It's easy when teams get a 100 points up, to go away from that and everyone trying to get on the scoreboard, but they are well drilled side and very much respected and it will take a very good side to beat them.

The rest of the league this year will be closer I believe and it will be a good tussle to see who will get second place.

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