The devil is in the detail

IT’S the little things that make the difference at the highest level in the pool, according to a swimming great, and the sacrifices made will be worth it.

A lesson in self-determination and belief, Lisa Curry spoke to Gladstone Gladiators Swimming Club members on Tuesday as part of her visit for the Botanic to Bridge promotion.

Club members listened intently as Curry told them she wouldn’t change a thing about her swimming career, even though she didn’t have the normal life of a teenager.

“Swimming now is such an amazing sport, I wish I was swimming with a club now,” she said.

At 12 years of age, Curry was rated as the fastest freestyler in the world, and soon on her way.

“I started winning races when I was 13 and went to Canada at 14, but they told me I had to pay my way because they didn’t think I was good enough,” she said.

Through club fundraising she was able to attend the swim meet and showed the potential she had.

“I won more medals than everyone else in the team put together,” she said.

One of the reasons behind her success, Curry said, was the need to always prove herself to others who doubted she had what it took.

“Every day I used to get up and be so excited about training, I’d go to sleep with my togs on. Mum never had to wake me up and I was the first at the pool and last to leave,” she said.

“It’s important that every drill you’re given by the coach, they’re all for a reason. If you can’t swim well, you can’t swim fast, so it’s all about having the perfect technique.”

A professional racing block would be ideal at the town pool, Curry said, to replicate swim meets and allow swimmers to practice their starts, which were critical in gaining that extra edge in races.

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