Thai smoochers lock lips for record

DID you get all you wished for and deserved on Valentine's Day?

I hope you did, but I also trust your lips are not as sore as the bruised and ragged kissers of a Thai couple who emerged earlier this week to claim the record for the world's longest kiss.

Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat locked their laughing tackle for 46 hours, 24 minutes and nine seconds, smashing the previous pointless smacker record of 32 hours set by some Germans in 2009.

The Tiranarats didn't act in the name of love alone.

They were in it for the cash and won a diamond ring worth about $1500 and $3000 in hard currency for their trouble.

Under the rules of the Thai kissing contest they had to remain locked in a clinch even when taking toilet breaks, which had to be conducted under the watchful gaze of competition monitors.

Sticking with Thailand, the nation struck another blow for sexual ambiguity this week when a new airline appointed four gorgeous, pouting ladyboys as flight attendants.

More than 100 transvestites and transsexuals applied for the posts.

Among the successful applicants was Dissanai Chitpraphachin, a sumptuous, smiling 23-year-old who is used to flying high in his chosen profession. Dissanai was crowned Thailand's most beautiful transvestite in 2007.

Meanwhile, over in Romania, where witchcraft is apparently rife, the nation's parliament is debating a proposal for witches to be registered.

A draft bill would make it illegal for witches to operate without an official permit.

The government officially recognises witchcraft as a profession and the new law, if passed, would make it possible for people to sue witches whose predictions turned out to be false.

Witches are displeased they would be banned from practising near schools and churches and may exact their revenge in the time-honoured way.

And finally this week, let's hear it for Chicago's Kristine Casey who became Illinois's oldest-ever mother at the age of 61 when she gave birth to her own grandson.

It's not as confusing as it sounds. Kristine's daughter Sara Connell is unable to have children of her own and her mum felt able to give the greatest gift of all by providing a womb for Sara's fertilised egg.

Sometimes the strangest stories are the ones that make you go “aaahhhh” rather than “ughgh”.

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