IN SPOTLIGHT: An aerial view of South End and Facing Island.
IN SPOTLIGHT: An aerial view of South End and Facing Island. Brenda Strong

Ten things you didn't know you could do on Curtis Island

FROM turtle watching, bush walking and fishing to secret watering holes, the Curtis Island locals want you to know what's great about their home.

A book, released by the Gladstone Conservation Council at Ecofest shows the beauty, diversity and importance of Curtis Island.


>> Book shares the diversity of Curtis Island

Here are ten of the many things you can do on Curtis Island, that are mentioned in the book:

1. Lighthouse

VISIT the historic working Cape Capricorn lighthouse at the north tip of Curtis Island. It sits on top of a 100m rugged cliff face. There is accommodation.

2. Hit the trail

THERE are miles of rugged bushland to explore and camp sites at the southern end of the island.

3. Turtles

FLATBACK turtles nest on Curtis Island and can be seen in the sand dunes between October and January.

4. Bullseye

KEEP a lookout for wild cattle and horses. There are reports of wild shorthorn cattle that haven't been used on farms since the 1960s.

5. Fishing

CURTIS Island is one of two islands that make the Gladstone Harbour so throw a line in the water and you are sure to catch a fish.


6. Snorkel

THE eastern side of Curtis Island is popular for swimming and snorkelling but it is important to be careful.

7. The beach

THERE are miles of untamed sandy beaches and turquoise water. The difference between the water on the west side and the east side is astonishing.

8. Driving

THERE are four-wheel-driving tracks that wind north to Connors Bluff. There is also a west track at the former Oceanview property.

9. Have a drink

POP into the Capricorn Lodge at Southend where they can open the bar and you can relax. Feel like you're miles away from the mainland.

10. Cottage

THE cottage on Boatshed Point is believed to be built by W.H. Renton in the 1930's.

Mr Renton worked at the Gladstone Harbour Board, now known as the Gladstone Ports Corporation, where he worked as an engineer.

Apparently through the telescope at the cottage, Mr Renton was able to read the clock at the Post Office in Goondoon St.

The cottage still stands today but without a roof as a result of a bush fire that destroyed it.

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