Ten reasons why you should check out Gladstone Show

THE Gladstone Show kicks off tomorrow, so we've put together a list of ten things on offer not to be missed.

1. First trucks: The monster trucks are here and ready to cause some mayhem.

Gladstone will get to see a brand new monster truck never seen before in Australia.

The performance will begin from 6pm Wednesday and consist of car crushing and other tricks.

2. Motor cross: Zac Mckenzie and Jake May will perform their latest tricks including back flips at the freestyle motor cross event on their motorbikes.

The performance will begin after the monster trucks (which start at 6pm) as part of the night performances in the show ring.

3. Wedding cakes: Wedding cakes on display! Some cake entries have been reported to be up to 1m high in this competition.

Anyone can enter, as long as they have a killer cake recipe.

4. Syco Sam: Rolling completely on its roof with flashing lights underneath, the Syco Sam bus is one of the all day rides available at the show.

It is a favourite with kids Australia-wide.

5. Horticulture: The show will include a horticulture tent holding some of Gladstone's rarest and finest plants on display all day.

In previous years organisers have had to re-arrange the tent to make room for all the entries.

6. Bar: Adults can head to the bar throughout the day if they are feeling a bit thirsty after an action packed ride with the kids, or just want to relax and have a drink and watch the performances.

7. Arts and crafts: The arts and crafts tent will be open all day; with award-winning art and needle work and photography on display.

Anyone can enter their own exhibits for all of Gladstone to see.

8. Food: Dagwood dogs and hot chips; what better way to celebrate show day than by indulging in some of the great show foods on offer all over the showgrounds from the moment the gates open to the finish.

9. Show bags: Everybody loves a show bag, and the Gladstone show promises to have hundreds of different show bags, from Spiderman to Dora the Explorer.

10. Fireworks: If you love fireworks, the Gladstone Show is the place for you. To finish off the night there will be a firework show. Stay until 8.30 pm to watch.

Gates open at 9am. Tickets cost $15 adults, $10 students with ID and $5 primary school students.

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