Telstra to boost phone capacity in Tannum

MARKET goers might no longer have to climb to get reception at Beach, Arts, Music in Tannum Sands.

This week, Gladstone regional councillors agreed to work with Telstra to improve coverage in the area to upgrade the current telecommunication pole opposite Coronation Dr.

The majority of councillors agreed the risk of not having direct communication with emergency services was dangerous.

"The community is telling us they need better phone lines and we should go with that," Mayor Gail Sellers said.

Cr Maxine Brushe, a Tannum Sands resident herself, said it was a step forward for the community.

"At Tannum Sands beach you have next to no reception," she said.

"There used to be a public phone there that was taken away. From a safety point of view, we would love to have that rectified."

Julie Merson works in Tannum Sands and said the reception issue wasn't just around the esplanade.

"If I go to a property for my job and need to call the office in Brisbane I have to go outside to ring," she said.

Tannum Sands resident of seven years Sharon Farcich said it would make the world of difference to her business.

Mrs Farcich has been running a candle stall at Beach, Arts, Music for four years and said she would be "really happy" if it was successful.

"At home (reception) is fine, but down on the foreshore I can't get it. It would certainly be handy to have Eftpos down there, too," she said.

"It does make it a bit difficult, especially if I have left stuff at home and I need it."

Cr Graham McDonald voted against the proposal this week; stating health risks and a lack of detail in the report didn't sit well with him.

"The use of the land wasn't defined clearly enough. Nothing about plans was in the minutes and there were no design plans submitted," he said.

"I was hesitant to go against the general consensus of the meeting. There was no detail on how high it would be or if it was a microwave tower or not."

Five councillors voted in favour of entering into the lease arrangement with Telstra.

They are now waiting for Telstra to sign an indemnity agreement, which means they are responsible for any damage claims made.

The size, structure and design of the tower are still to be decided.

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