Toowoomba teen calls magistrate a stupid ****

A TEENAGER was lucky not to be slapped with a contempt charge after calling a Toowoomba magistrate a "stupid ****".

Joshua Paul Townsend was before the court on a number of charges including shouting obscenities at police who arrived to search his Greenwattle St home on February 16.

Toowoomba Magistrates Court heard the 17-year-old had yelled obscenities at police such as "f*** off, you can't touch my stuff" and "f*** you scum *****" and calling officers "pig f***ing *****".

He continued his verbal tirade when taken to the watch house in a police van inside which he spat phlegm onto a Perspex screen, police prosecutor Senior Constable Natalie Bugden told the court.

Townsend pleaded guilty to all charges.

Defence solicitor John Davis told the court his client was still only 17, had been essentially homeless and needed support.

However, the teenager shook his head when the prospect of a probation order was discussed, which Magistrate Damian Carroll noticed.

"Look at him, he's nodding his head," Mr Carroll said to Mr Davis, prompting an outburst from Townsend of "Yeah, well, look at you!" directed at Mr Carroll.

Being close to the lunch break, Mr Carroll adjourned the court and remanded Townsend in custody, prompting another outburst from the teen of "Get f***ed you stupid ****".

After cooling his heals in the watch house over the luncheon adjournment, a decidedly more subdued Townsend was brought back into court for sentence.

"Obviously you have little or no respect for authority," Mr Carroll told the teenager.

But taking into account his youth and lack of history before the adult court, Mr Carroll ordered no conviction be recorded and fined Townsend $2000.

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