'20 cones a day': Gladstone teen spends Centrelink on pot

A TEEN with a terrible "20 cones a day" cannabis habit has been told by a concerned court magistrate to do something good with his life and try for work.

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Gladstone magistrate Melanie Ho was unimpressed by a probation and parole report before her in which 19-year-old Shaqeal Bligh revealed he smoked the drug all day.

Police prosecutor Barry Stevens said the report showed Bligh "takes pride in his lengthy history" of offending, and stated he would commit more offences for his drug habit.

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Court told Shaqeal Bligh smokes 20 cones a day.
Court told Shaqeal Bligh smokes 20 cones a day. Ross Irby

Going before Gladstone Magistrates Court, Bligh pleaded guilty to entering premises (car) with intent and breach of his bail conditions.

"He sits at home and smokes up to 20 cones a day and does not assist his grandmother," Sergeant Stevens said.

"He only reports to the employment agency so he can continue to get his Centrelink payments.

"He attended a meeting (probation) under the influence of some drug and it is not confidant he can do a community service order."

Sgt Stevens said there was a lack of purpose in Bligh's daily routine, he had no motivation, and thought it was his right to break into a car.

Noting the presentence report, Ms Ho said Bligh had been drinking before breaking into the car and was highly intoxicated while apparently "celebrating" his release from custody.

"Spending his money on 20 cones a day doesn't impress me," Ms Ho said.

Defence lawyer Jun Pepito said Bligh was intending to apply to be a sea ranger in an indigenous community program.

But Sgt Stevens said nothing was before the court to say Bligh had enrolled.

Sgt Stevens said people giving back to the community by doing (court-ordered) unpaid community service was a great service but it was not good to have people set up to fail by their attitude.

He said engaging in the program (sea rangers) might help Bligh gain insight into his offending.

Ms Ho said the court could adjourn Bligh's matters for three months to see if he did enrol.

Bligh's grandmother told the court there was a lot of room for him to make changes to his life and "he needs to think about that".

Ms Ho said he was on a downward spiral to jail, the report showing he was not helping himself.

"This is your life we are talking about," Ms Ho told him.

"You are smoking 20 cones a day. I will give you three months to show you are doing something.

"I want you to do something with your life. You can not just sit at home and smoke 20 cones a day."

His matters were adjourned. And Bligh will return in late November to update the court on what he has been doing.

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