Teen jailed for trying to steal car armed with cane knives in “terrifying” ordeal,
Teen jailed for trying to steal car armed with cane knives in “terrifying” ordeal,

Teen armed with cane knives jailed for breaking into home, trying to steal car

THE  tragic consequences for the victim of a terrifying ­burglary perpetrated by a teenager armed with a cane knife have been heard in court.

Daryl Tyrell McLennan pleaded guilty to burglary and unlawful use of a motor vehicle when he fronted Townsville District Court.

McLennan unlawfully ­entered a Denham St home on February 1, resulting in disastrous effects for one of the ­occupants, all so he could steal a car because he wanted to drive to Mackay.

Crown prosecutor Shannon Sutherland said McLennan stole two cane knives from the downstairs of the house before making his way upstairs and taking the keys to an Audi hatchback.

A man who lived at the ­address with his parents woke to discover McLennan standing on the deck of the home.

The man yelled at McLennan and attempted to close the door to the house.

The court heard the 19-year-old offender yelled back and attempted to force open the door with one hand while wielding one of the knives with the other.

"You continued to yell at (the occupant) and used both hands to strike the security door," Judge Greg Lynham said. "I just want you to think about what it must have been like to have someone like you standing outside, smashing into the door with a cane knife. It must have been terrifying."

The occupant managed to force the door closed and lock it before McLellan ran downstairs and fled in the Audi.

He was picked up by police in Mackay the following day and made admissions to the ­offending. McLellan also revealed the location of the car, which was declared a write-off.

In a victim impact statement, partially read in court, it was revealed the occupant ­suffered Tourette's syndrome, which worsened following the incident.

The court heard he still had nightmares about the incident.

Judge Lynham said the man had to drop out of university because of the stress and had to move out of the house ­because of the fear instilled in him.

"I am angry that every ­single part of my life was turned upside down while ­sitting at home, quietly watching TV on a weeknight," part of the statement read.

Defence barrister Michael Hibble said McLellan wanted to steal the car to get to ­Mackay, as his family was from that area.

"He had what can only be described as a depressing upbringing," Mr Hibble said. "He has an IQ of 71, Your Honour."

Taking the time McLellan had already served in custody, Judge Lynham sentenced him to two years and three months' imprisonment to be released on parole immediately having served 271 days.

McLellan was also ­sentenced to a two-year ­probation order.

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