The teen was sentenced to a 12-month probation order.
The teen was sentenced to a 12-month probation order.

Teen 'gets on the grog' with dad, robs mate at ATM

A JUDGE gave a teenage robber a stern warning that it was not okay to rob a mate after the lad stole money from a friend when using an ATM.

The lad's father was described as a poor role model and the crime blamed on him "getting on the grog" with the old man.

In the Ipswich Children's Court matter heard before Judge Dennis Lynch QC under Youth Justice provisions, the lad now aged 18 pleaded guilty to assault and stealing from the 17-year-old male in June 2018.

Judge Lynch said he made a threat to the teenager at the ATM, pushed him, and even used his friend's card to withdraw more money to steal a total $360.

Crown prosecutor Caitlin Thompson sought a supervised probation order of two years for the offender to assist in his rehabilitation.

But defence barrister Justin Thomas sought a 12-month probation order, saying the 18-year-old "needs to get a grip of his alcohol consumption".

"When he gets together with his dad they drink. They drink a lot," he said.

"He does not recall it clearly. His mother assures us it was an incident (that occurred) after drinking with his dad."

Mr Thomas said his diagnosed condition of ADHD had improved as the teen aged and no longer required medication but with alcohol it deteriorated significantly.

When the offender was 16 and went to live with his dad "he started getting on the grog hard. Says when he drinks he finds himself in strife."

"He tells me he hasn't been on the drink for two weeks. He was drinking two or three times a week," Mr Thomas said.

And he's also made up with his mate having had some contact via phone, although there had not yet been face-to-face.

"They are putting the matter behind them," he said.

Judge Lynch told the teenager, who turns 19 in November, that he must understand that with any more offences like this he would be treated as an adult and likely go into prison.

"It is not acceptable to bully your mates or others. Not acceptable to take others property," he said.

"He was a friend of yours. Not a very encouraging way to develop a friendship treating them with such disrespect."

And when his friend tried to get his card back he was again pushed.

Judge Lynch said his drinking can be problematic with his father a poor role model, with both of them consuming alcohol in excess. He warned that he must be serious in doing the probation order that includes programs and counselling.

The teen agreed he would comply.

Judge Lynch sentence him to a probation order of 12 months and did not record a conviction as it may inhibit his future job prospects.

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