Fine for aggressive abehaviour

A 17-YEAR-OLD girl who was drunk and acting aggressively appeared in court on an obstruct a police officer and contravene a direction charges.

Kate Haley Burton pleaded guilty plea to the charges on Thursday.

Police Prosecutor Constable Troy Daubaras said at 8pm on June 11 police attended Bray Park at Boyne Island, after police received a complaint about a girl who was acting aggressively toward the informant’s daughter.

The defendant was drinking and wanted to fight another girl.

Police issued Burton with a move on notice but she returned to the park and was then arrested for contravening a direction.

Police tried to walk her to the police car but she kept stopping and talking to friends on the way, and officers had to grab her by both arms and lead her to the car.

The defendant, representing herself in court, said the police came up and grabbed her from behind and gave no reason for her arrest.

Magistrate Damian Carroll fined the defendant $400 and no conviction was recorded.

A MAN yelling very loudly in a motel appeared in court on Thursday for failing to comply with a noise abatement order.

Mitchell Charlwood pleaded guilty to the offence.

Police attended the Why Not Motor Inn at midnight on July 2 after complaints of a man yelling inside a unit.

The defendant was being loud and aggressive and argued with police.

A noise abatement order was issued and while police remained nearby talking to motel residents, Charlwood started yelling again.

The defendant, who represented himself, said he had too much to drink, had passed out in the shower and cracked his head and didn’t remember anything after that.

Magistrate Damian Carroll fined Charlwood $275 or four days in jail with no conviction recorded.

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