Technology’s bigger picture is exciting but hard to guess

I WAS reading yesterday that Paramount Movies had released its last-ever movie in 35mm film.

It's all going to be digital from this point on.

No more hefty boxes with your favourite movie being trucked all over the world.

In the new era the movies that you see at the cinema will be digitally streamed from distributors direct to hard drives at the cinema and shown to us through high quality video projectors.

It's incredible when you think of it and look back.

It seems to me not that long ago that when I went to the movies with my parents it was all flickery black and white.

So much so that we used to call it going to the flicks. Then came colour, and then stereophonic sound; and so the technology developed over the years.

And remember the news-casts we used to watch at the beginning of the movie?

And how we all stood up for God Save the Queen?

The cinema floors were all timber and it used to be great fun, just at the real scary bit, to drop a few Jaffas and let them roll down to the front of the theatre.

Those were what some would call the good old days.

These days we see movies in small theatres with full surround sound and, in many instances, 3D. I must admit I haven't yet seen a feature movie in 3D. One day.

Then I started to think of film.

Up until relatively recently we took all of our photographs on film cameras.

I recall when we received the first digital camera in our newsroom.

It was a big event - all 1.4 megapixels of digital camera, and we found that life was made so much more simple and less costly.

These days we have cameras which are delivering upwards of 24 megapixels and the quality is phenomenal.

What's going to happen to film?

So much of our history will be gone for ever. Let's hope someone is storing some of it so that one day we can go to a museum and our grandkids can see what granny and pops used to use in their everyday life.

Who knows what will come in the next wave, and the wave after that? I'm truly looking forward to finding out.

Meanwhile back to the (maybe) digital cinema I head to enjoy another movie. Maybe it'll be in 3D.

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