Opinion: Technology detox the cure for generation ‘now’

HOW would you go if you were told you couldn't have your favourite thing?

Cast your mind back to when you were a child and your parents told you that you couldn't have that toy, or you weren't allowed to go outside and play with your mates?

Imagine it happening to you now, but with 2014 technology?

We spoke about this on the radio as to whether today's generation could go without technology for two days.

Today our kids and ourselves are very much a "now" generation when it comes to technology. What I mean is that we must have everything now and to wait is an inconvenience.

Let me explain.

When we send a text, message, email, image on Facebook, photo on Instagram and the like, we wait only moments for a reply from our friends.

That's the "now" generation.

We must have acknowledgment now - not later, but now.

Back in my day when I grew up we had to wait, as it took time either to get to the phone, to open an envelope or to jump on your pushbike to go to your mate's place.

The problem with the now generation happens when we don't get that approval or receipt immediately.

A few things can happen, like we spit the dummy, we think the person is ignoring us, or - even worse - think the person has "unfriended" us.

This can lead to arguments, loss of contact and perhaps even the bullying that is continuing to increase.

This has to stop and the way in which we can stop it is by doing the 48-hour detox of technology.

Try it out - give up phones, laptops, tablets, smartphones, devices, music players, alarm clocks and more just for two days.

You'll feel better for it and your family will love you for it.

You'll get more interaction time with your partner because your head isn't glued to a glass glow, your kids will love you as you'll be playing sport outside and your stomach will love you because you'll have to think about what to cook for dinner instead of ordering it online.

Giving up technology for two days can be done just like anything in this world.

Schapelle gave up the outside world for 10 years, surely you can do this for just 48 hours.

Sometimes we wish Shane Warne would do the same for a bit longer.

Have fun, Rob

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