Gladstone State High School values importance of mentoring for teachers

Gladstone teachers step up to be part of mentoring program

SOME of Gladstone's best and brightest teachers have put their hands up to be part of a new Queensland Government teacher mentoring program.

The Mentoring for Beginning Teachers program aims to lift teaching standards by providing support for new teachers.

Kim-Maree Lambert is one of Gladstone State High School's most loved and respected teachers, having spearheaded student leadership programs and fostered a culture of caring, openness, creativity and celebration in her role as year 12 coordinator.

"When I started teaching I had some amazing mentors who really helped me," she said.

Ms Lambert adapted their techniques to fit her own style, she said.

"Having that person to go to when you're not sure about something is really helpful.

"Also with planning and curriculum, juggling all those areas is tricky and having someone to ask helps.

Helping newcomers to the region adapt is important, Ms Lambertsaid.

"People don't think of Gladstone as remote but some of our teachers really struggle coming from Brisbane to here," she said.

"We're pretty lucky at Gladstone State High because we have a beginning teachers program.

"Katrina Burdett administers the program and ensures all beginning teacher have a mentor," she said.

Minister for Education, Training & Employment John-Paul Langbroek said he wanted the new Mentoring for Beginning Teachers to help the next generation to learn from our best and brightest teachers.

"It can be daunting for beginning teachers, who take full responsibility for student learning from their first day on the job," he said.

The program, for state school teachers, is part of the Queensland Government's Great teachers = Great Results initiative which creates opportunities for every teacher to improve their skills, he said.

Mr Langbroek said mentors would offer guidance, feedback and a range of support in the important early stage of their careers.

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