Will have to wait until 2016 to make election punt fortune

YOU could say I'm not much of a gambler.

Sure, I thought I was on a good thing at the Gladdy Cup, with a tenner each way on the journalistically-named Interview. Third place, and I didn't even get my money back.

But worse than a poor punter by far, I am also a regretful non-punter.

To wit: I wish I'd gotten on CT when he was still out at nine bucks.

Looking back, the progression was all so simple.

Rudd would undermine, Crean would fall on his sword, nothing would happen, Rudd would undermine for real this time... and voila, Queensland's marginal Labor candidates suddenly stand a chance.

Like most things in Canberra, it was so, so simple - and yet, apparently beyond my powers of preparedness.

For the record, I'm not actually calling Flynn for Trevor.

But the promise of big winnings would at least create a small heart-flutter - which is more than any roundabout millions. But perhaps I'm alone on that.

My inability to seize a moment stretches far beyond our nation's not insignificant betting markets, however.

When I worked in the US in 2009, our dollar was buying 89 cents when I applied for my visa. Lucky, right? Maybe if I'd filled my suitcase with Benjamins on the spot.

Instead, I figured I'd be right - by touchdown in LA, it was at 52. Strangely, our planned American honeymoon didn't see me buy up at $1.06, either.

I became the Herald Sun property reporter just after prices in anywhere that I wanted to live doubled.

And now in Gladstone, I'm met with the same "too late" chorus - property was cheaper, no one littered, people were nicer, they tell me, not so long ago. I'm dubious - but on my record, I guess it's possible I missed the boat.

I don't mind - I can always make my fortune on the 2016 election.

I'm sure I'll be wiser then.

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