Here's how to drive safely in the wet

WITH the wet weather Gladstone has experienced recently, there have been plenty of challenges on the road.

Drivers have had to watch out for water over the roads in several areas, trees falling over, roots and all, branches and debris across the road, wind gusts, and heavy rain, making it difficult to see while driving.

Driving instructor Candita Hamblin says these factors can make driving on our roads extremely dangerous.

"But when you add to the mix motorists not keeping their distance and tailgating, going too fast, not giving cars enough time to stop or heading into a corner or roundabout too fast, that's a recipe for disaster," she wrote in her weekly column for The Community Advocate.

Ms Hamblin recommended a few things that would help improve safety, including:

  • Keeping a good safety margin between vehicles (four seconds at least)
  • Slowing down (sometimes even 20kmh can be too fast)
  • Not performing dangerous actions, such as over-accelerating at a corner or roundabout
  • Putting the windscreen wipers on
  • Using your hazard lights to warn other road users in dangerous situations
  • Turning on your lights when visibility is reduced
  • Checking the tread and pressure of your tyres

"Being aware of what is ahead is a safe way of driving, not only in inclement weather but at all times," she said.

"So when a hazard does present itself, you will have time to think and react instead of panicking."

Ms Hamblin, of Training Wheels Driver Training, said listening to the news for updates on road conditions would help drivers choose the safest roads during bad weather.

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