Mum who slipped teens Valium pills on train faces court

TWO teens went off the rails after Nicole Ann Treacy slipped them "stoner tablets" on the Sunlander train.

The youths earlier had told the 34-year-old mother-of-five she could smoke in one of the train's toilets because they had disarmed the alarm.

Returning to her seat as the train made its way to Rockhampton, she provided the youths, aged 16 and 13, each a couple of diazepam (Valium).

"Take these and have a good trip," she said.

Police were called to meet the train at Gladstone after the youths became unruly.

The teens weren't known to Treacy and were travelling with an 18-year-old.

The two minors were hospitalised. The lips of one had turned blue and both had little memory of their actions.

They identified Treacy to police as the supplier of the drugs, which she had been prescribed by a doctor two days earlier.

Police had to wake Treacy, who had knocked back eight Bundy rums on the September 13 journey.

She later confessed she had wanted to give the teens "a calm high", but was disgusted in what she had done.

Treacy was placed on a two-year probation order after pleading guilty in the Rockhampton District Court on Wednesday to two charges of supplying drugs to a minor.

Defence solicitor Jeff Clarke said Treacy, who lives in Toowoomba and was travelling from Brisbane to Rockhampton where her mother lives, had been reliant on drugs and alcohol from an early age.

Mr Clarke said she was now clean.

While Judge Paul Smith acknowledged the serious nature of the crime, which carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in jail, he said Treacy's rehabilitation was of key importance.

Part of her probation order includes attending ongoing counselling and support programs.

A conviction was recorded.

Off track

Name: Nicole Ann Treacy, 34, of Toowoomba

Charges: Two counts of supplying drugs to minors

Plea: Guilty

Penalty: Two-year probation order

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