Despite the distance Sydney beckons for family milestones

BEFORE I start, this is not an April fool's gag.

What a year 2014 is turning out to be.

You know, if someone said to me at Christmas time that you'd be flat out for the next 12 months, I would have said "yeah right", but it's turned out to be true.

There are so many things to do this year and we're all loving it.

There's plenty of activities around Central Queensland, lots of fundraising events to be involved in, the Harbour Festival, fun runs, music shows, Ecofest and a couple of big events that I've been told I cannot miss out on: my relative's birthdays.

Now you could be thinking that it's just another birthday but I've had it explained to me that you can't miss these if you know what's good for you.

First it's my brother's 40th birthday later this year and while I'm looking forward to having a beer and toasting his wonderful life thus far, he does live in Sydney and he supports the Bulldogs, so there may be a way out of going down to blow out the huge amount of birthday candles.

He probably wouldn't care if I was there or not, to the point of using it as an excuse to drink more of his beer and eating more of the food. I've got a few months to go so I'll have to make up my mind pretty soon I guess.

The other milestone is my mother's 70th birthday later this year.

I know she brought me into the world all those years ago so the least I can do is help her celebrate a wonderful life she's had with me in it.

Both of these occasions will be highlighted this year with a back-to-back grand final win to the Sydney Roosters in the NRL and a happy 46th birthday to myself some time in May, so I guess all will be good.

So should I go to both of these great events this year? They are both in Sydney and both will be full of relatives I haven't seen since Patrick Laws could see his shoelaces.

Just to get a feeling of what was the right and the wrong decision to make, I asked the question on Facebook over the weekend and got some pretty solid advice.

I concluded that I have to travel to both of these occasions because not doing so would leave me "in a state of duress after removal of said gonads".

So Sydney here I come!

Have fun,


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