Sulks over smiles: survey

Mars is Zane Jackson

Ah, maybe now I can begin to understand why so many younger blokes have such dorky looking Facebook photos.

You know, the self-shot ones where they pull a sullen face and look all moody into the camera.

I thought it was because they were trying to project that typical woe-is-me, life-is-tough teen look (because not working full-time and bumming about at school is so tough).

But I realise now they know something that us older blokes didn't - until now.

Researchers at the University of British Columbia in Canada have found girls dig moody blokes.

Yeah, you read that right. Being a smiley, positive kind of a bloke doesn't cut it for the fairer sex.

It seems they want a guy who looks gloomy or has a bit of swagger. Why?

The report says smiling men do not appear to be as strong, powerful or masculine as those who glower or seem arrogant.

Which goes against everything you imagine would be the best way to go about picking up a girl.

But then again, everything I think I know about women seems to be increasingly more incorrect as the years go by.

At least there's one thing from the research that makes sense - that blokes find smiling girls more attractive than sullen types because they appear to be more approachable.

Venus is Fallon Hudson

I can't imagine trying to make conversation with a bloke who resembles a sad panda.

Apparently 'some' women think men who smile do not appear to be strong, powerful, masculine or attractive - what a crock.

If I saw a guy get his swagger on like Zoolander, I wouldn't just smile.  I would laugh and laugh loud.

I think smiling is one of the most natural and sexy things people can do.

After a while a moody man would get tiring, and really, who wants to be the sad girl?

The research that was carried out by psychologists said men and women respond very differently to displays of emotion - well duh, of course we do.

When I smile most of the time I am pretty happy and not once do I think I am meek or afraid.

To be honest, I think that is just another terrible stereotype that women have to put up with, that and the fact that men like to see women in a certain way.

For example, heaven forbid we get a bit cranky, moody and not look like a beam of sunlight. 

Why can't women be the strong, silent, moody types too?

So next time you want to frown, turn it upside down, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile.

As soon as I wrote that, I knew I'd laugh.  Ha.

Venus and Mars is a weekly humour column by Zane Jackson and Fallon Hudson.

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