Survivor twist bound to shock

Sunshine Coast mum-of-three Tara Pitt.
Sunshine Coast mum-of-three Tara Pitt. Lachie Millard

SUNSHINE Coast barrel racer Tara Pitt is prepared for the backlash from Survivor purists, after she was saved after being voted out on Australian Survivor.

In a move away from the traditional format of the long running series, Pitt and Victorian student Anneliese Wilson were easily voted out by their Samatau tribe, but were saved by host Jonathan LaPaglia.

They were sent to an island dubbed "exile island" for the night, before joining rival tribe Asaga.

Pitt, from Eumundi, said she is ready for any potential backlash from fans.

"They are not going to like it, because I get a second chance," she said. "They are probably going to think, maybe a tribe swap is OK, or I should be just sent home.
"A lot of people are going to think, why should myself and Anneliese stay?

"I can sense there will be a few super fans who will not enjoy that I got saved. They are a very strong bunch, they don't back down."

Anneliese Wilson and Tara Pitt were voted out — but then saved.
Anneliese Wilson and Tara Pitt were voted out — but then saved. Nigel Wright

Pitt said she was mentally prepared to leave, and see her three boys - Jett, 10, Zai, 8, and Nash, 4 - when LaPaglia announced that she wasn't going home.

"I was sitting there for about half an hour when they were voting for Anneliese, and I was already in my head, getting excited about seeing my boys and happy with the game I had played," she said.

"Then I was in shock when he turned around and said you are still in it."

Pitt said the night she and Wilson spent on a dark island was "scary," but ultimately she was very happy about having a second chance.

Talking of her boys, she said that was the hardest thing about being in Samoa filming Australian Survivor - missing her boys.

"We weren't even allowed a phone call, so it was very difficult. All I wanted to do is hear their voices."

However she is enjoying watching the show with her boys, and now she is a very popular school mum when she drops them off to school.

Pitt has had a lot of airtime on the Channel 10 show, and she admits some parts of it are tough to watch.

"I am enjoying it, but one episode when I was crying, that was daunting to watch," she said. "It brought all the emotions back. I felt alone. It was just one of those days, we were all feeling quite low.

"But other than that it's great to watch. I'm on the edge of my seat on tribal council watching, even though I know who goes. It's very exciting."

Australian Survivor airs on Channel 10 at 7.30pm and 8.30pm, Monday and Tuesday.

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