VIDEO: Cruise passengers spend big in Gladstone

SURVEY results from P&O Cruise passengers have re-affirmed GAPDL's belief that Gladstone can be a notable tourism hot spot.

Surveys were given to cruise passengers on the first two ships that moored in Gladstone on March 10 and 20.

There was 237 responses to the online survey, with the majority giving positive feedback.

On March 20 95% of passengers and 75% of staff disembarked the Pacific Jewel to explore Gladstone, meaning more than 2000 people came ashore.

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Based on survey results 94.6% of people spent an average of $110 per person during their visit in Gladstone.

When asked how their experience of the Gladstone region met their expectations, 75% said their expectations of Gladstone were exceeded with their visit.

While 86.5% of respondents also indicated that they are likely to return to the region.

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GAPDL CEO Darryl Branthwaite said he was proud of the response.

The Cruise ships are a great asset to our Tourism Industry and this is shown in the survey results with a high percentage of respondents likely to return to the Gladstone Region," said Mr Branthwaite.

GAPDL tourism manager Karen Sweeney said there was 75 guests on the Wilson Island tour, which was created for the cruise ship passengers.

"It was a good number for our first trip out.

"The passengers are looking to experience the Southern Great Barrier Reef, because that's our point of different. 

"They had the opportunity to enjoy the Great Barrier Reef without being surrounded by thousands of people."

How passengers rated our star attractions:

  • Port Curtis Harbour Cruise 8.4/10
  • Snorkel the Southern Great Barrier Reef 9/10
  • Quoin Island Retreat and Turtle Rehabilitation 9/10
  • Kayak at 1770 Tandem 9/10
  • Great Barrier Reef Scenic Flight 9/10

Pacific Jewel arrives in Gladstone:

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