Surfboard Dad likely to ride wave of family fun

I'VE invented a new game. Let me put that another way. Actually, my daughter invented a new game and I reckon the kids of Gladstone are going to love it.

It's called Surfboard Dad and I reckon these next school holidays, dads all over CQ will be doing it.

Over the weekend I went and spent some time with my two kids, aged 13 and 10, and let's just say we spent a fair bit of time in the ocean and the pool.

The weather was magical, the temperature was quite high but the water cooled us all down.

There was a point in all the fun when my daughter was bored with the "Dad, can you carry me on your shoulders" trick and she had to come up with another game that we could play.

Thus came the surfboard game.

For all the parents out there, this is how it works.

You have to be in a pool, with the water not too deep, and then you have to get the parent to lie down on the bottom of the pool floor.

Then your child stands on your back, the parent moves around like a surfboard, and the parent stands up quickly and pushes the child off in a quick rush.

This usually makes the child fly through the air, much to their happiness, which makes them ask for it to happen many times, over and over until said parent asks for it to stop.

That was my Saturday and Sunday on the weekend just gone, in between eating, and I loved every minute of it until yesterday morning when I woke up.

My body felt like it had been either hit by a bus, or Clive Palmer fell on me.

I'm in pain but I guess it's what happens when you bring children into the world.

We bring them up into the world and hope for the best in all that they do.

Academically, physically and mentally and when it comes to abusing their dads, I'm sure that's on the list too.

Are there any other dads in Gladstone who have had this happen to them recently?

Perhaps there are dads out there who can't wait to try this with their kids tonight in the backyard pool.

Either way, it's fun and I wouldn't change it at all.

A little bit of advice though. Don't try this at the new East Shores. I guarantee it will end in tears. Just saying!

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