ONLY nine months on the scene and this band is already hauling a massive following.

Whether it be on Twitter, Facebook or You Tube, Adelaide band At Sunset is continuing to grow daily in fans and subscribers.

Currently supporting Reece Mastin on his The Beautiful Nightmare tour, At Sunset performed for an ecstatic crowd at the Gladstone Marquee Marina on Thursday.

The group is made up of three boys - Harrison Kantarias, 20, (vocals and guitar), his brother Andrew Kantarias, 18, (vocals and keys) and best mate Jae Curtis, 20, (guitar and drums).

With sweltering temperatures and sweat clearly on its way, the group huddled into their air-conditioned coach to chat to The Observer about fame, music and life on tour with Reece.

The group, who do not exactly consider themselves a typical boy band, began 11 months ago when Harrison and Jae met at a party and formed the idea to start a band.

"We put a band together doing open mic sessions, then Andrew joined and we put it on You Tube and here we are today," Harrison said.

"We don't really classify ourselves as a boy band, as I'm just a guitarist," Jae said.

"So we're a little bit different, which is why we're really loving this tour as we've got Reece who is full on rock, which I love.

"We kind of sit between where he is and sort of half way between the boy band thing."

Since forming the band have even experienced their first ARIA's, going in 2012.

Seeing themselves as a unique group in the current industry, Andrew said there's not a lot of three piece bands out there.

"When we tour we got Tom and Ilia who's our keys player and drummer.

"They're the live band I suppose you could say."

Growing up listening to heaps of bands, Jae explains his craze for bands during his childhood.

"I don't really have a musical family but it was always something I was passionate about," Jae said.

"I was fortunate enough to go to heaps and heaps of shows growing up like John Farnham, Human Nature, Nelly, Red Hot Chili Peppers."

Andrew said Harrison and himself never really pursued music as kids but during high school they started doing school musicals.

"They make you sing, characterised singing and we sort of got into it a little bit and picked up a few things," he said.

"I think my turning point was in about year 10 or 11," Harrison said.

At Sunset's debut single 'This is Who I am' currently has 2,900,436 views with 31,437 subscribers and the number is growing excessively.

"This is Who I Am is basically about the guy who meets a girl and won't let anything get in his way from being with this girl," Andrew said.

"And proving to everyone who he is and standing for what he believes and he really wants to be with this girl even though all the signs say no."

Speaking of standing for what you believe in, this band of young men is clearly standing by their passion and love for music, despite their young age.

"I love the fact that it was always a dream for us," Andrew said.

"On stage is just a big adrenalin rush," Jae said. 

"I just love writing it, you get to put everything that's in your head into a song and it makes people connect to the song and seeing it come from 20-year-old guys," Harrison said, in response to his love of music.

As the group settles in and laughter flows between conversations, the truth comes out more freely.

Asking Jae if the brother's fight, he answered immediately, laughing: "Yeah they do fight heaps. They're good brothers though."

"They're brothers, they can say things to each other and get over it in five minutes.

"If I said some of the things they say to each other there would be like, actual fights."

But fighting over the little things like X Box or who gets the bigger bed on tour is all in common brotherly love and Harrison said they usually just fight over petty things.

"The only thing me and Andrew fight over the most is…is black a shade or a colour?" Jae said.

Apparently this is an ongoing disagreement within the group and they even sought the opinion of The Observer's photographer, Tom Huntley, who in fact decided it was in fact, a colour.

Starting with a bang must be the band's fashion and it was almost shocking to hear how huge the band's first gig was.

"Our first real gig was like 22,000 people," Harrison said.

"We headlined a show in Adelaide and it turned out 22,000 people came.

"It was amazing. All we'd done was play acoustic because we went around the country playing at boardrooms, radio stations, Saturday Disney and things like that.

"Playing to fans acoustically to getting on stage and putting a drummer and a keys player to the set - it was a crazy feeling.

"It's awesome, we can't thank our fans enough."

Since meeting Reece on a random day in the studio, At Sunset has continued to grow in popularity.

"He came down to visit some family," said Andrew.

"And he came down to our studio to record some old stuff I think and cause we're there on a daily basis, he came in and sort of introduced himself to us.

"We got a sneak peak of his album that is released now, (we) knew it was going to be incredible from the get go."

Though it is still early days for At Sunset, there is plenty of good things on the horizon.

"We're about to release our third single, when we get off tour with Reece," Harrison said.

"It sits more dance, rock pop-meets electro rock."

"I don't think there's anything out there like this at the moment," Andrew said. "We can't wait."


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