Hoon puts lives in danger during spree in Gladstone

A DRIVER who allegedly blew more than three times the legal limit left a trail of destruction on Sun Valley Rd.

The 27-year-old allegedly managed to write-off a parked car, take out a letter box and bring a 1.8m, double reinforced fence crashing down before driving away, leaving his bumper and number plate behind.

Yesterday, residents said an intervention was needed to put a stop to the "constant hooning and speeding" on their street.

Lisa O'Dwyer carted her shattered fence off to the dump yesterday afternoon.

She said she feared it was only a matter of time before a child from the nearby school was hit by a speeding car.

More frequent speed traps along the stretch would deter drivers from doing the wrong thing, she said.

Ms O'Dwyer was woken just before midnight to the sound of a drunk driver crashing into her front yard.

The driver had smashed into a parked car two houses away before flying into her fence then driving away leaving his bumper behind.

"People fly down here all the time. It's terrifying," Mrs O'Dwyer said.

"You're always waiting to hear that bang and last night it finally happened."

In just over 12 months there have been 19 traffic incidents on Sun Valley Rd and four reported accidents.

One of the worst drink-driver readings on the road was taken in January when a 58-year-old man was fined $1500 and disqualified from driving for 18 months, after returning a blood alcohol content reading of 0.327 - six times the legal limit.

The area was highlighted in the latest state election campaign with a promise of flashing school lights to improve safety.

But Gladstone police sergeant Peter Stone said police could not take action if residents did not report incidents.

"Police encourage people to report individual incidents on their merit with as much information as possible including registration and vehicle description," he said.

A 27-year-old man was charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and high-range drink-driving, 0.183 BAC, in relation to Saturday night's incident.

He will appear in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Monday, March 16.

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