Lauren Powell has run salon Hair on Boyne for 10 years.
Lauren Powell has run salon Hair on Boyne for 10 years. Matt Taylor GLA200918HAIR

Boyne hairdresser's decade-long journey to success

TEN years is a long time for anything, and it's even longer in the world of small business.

But local hairdressing salon Hair On Boyne is this year celebrating its decade as a staple in the Boyne Island business community.

It's no April fool's joke, said owner Lauren Powell, with the business having been open since April 1, 2008.

And it's been a passion of Lauren's since she was a child.

"I can remember when I was seven and used to cut my dolls' hair, my mother used to say 'that's it, no more dolls because you can't keep the hair on'," Lauren said.

"At 14, I worked in a salon to help clean and when I was 15 I left school, and by 18 I was qualified in Zimbabwe.

"I then went to South Africa and was there at 2005 until we moved here, and there's been no regrets. It's been a good, good move."

Lauren said the key to her success had been keeping her business customer-focused and giving clients that little bit extra.

She draws her greatest pride from being the only hairdressing salon with a shopfront in Boyne Island, but 10 years in business is a long time and the journey hasn't been without its challenges.

"A while back it was very hard with the boom that had just gone bang, so unfortunately you had to cut down staff and hours," Lauren said.

"But thanks to loyal clients that kept coming back because they like the job I do, you've got to thank the community that supports local businesses here.

"If I can help them out and give customers that bit extra they are so appreciative and it's not something that big chain stores do."

The business has not only serviced the Boyne Island community, but has also provided jobs and careers for a number of young people.

Lauren has put six apprentices through the business, who have all completed three-year courses before moving on.

She said she took great pride in paving the way for the industry's future.

After a long time in business, Lauren has assured her customers of one thing - she won't be going anywhere, anytime soon.

"Definitely another 10 years without a doubt. I'm happy, my husband has a good job and I love the salon," she said

"We've had our good times, we've had our bad times, but it's on a definite balance.

"I've been able to do it solo on my own and so I'm very proud of myself."

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