Zonta's International Women's Day

Women's day a time to celebrate successes

MORE than 120 women celebrated International Women's Day at Zonta's brunch in Gladstone on Sunday.

Guest speakers Norma Tanna, Leonie Andersen and Hannah Ariotti and MC Liz Cunningham spoke of the significance of the day.

Long term local Mrs Tanna, believes we need to be thankful for how far we've come.

"While we look to the change that needs to happen, we need to look back at the exponential difference we've made in the world, at those early days of demonstrations and we need to be thankful," she said.

"I'm a firm believer that education is the key to our influential women of the future."

Environment consultancy co-partner Leonie Andersen said the day needed to be a celebration and triumph in what women have achieved.

"We're all from diverse backgrounds so today is really a reflection," she said.

"This day used to be a protest and now it's a day to celebrate."

"We have the capacity to change the world, at a judicial and political level."

Zonta vice president Catherine Benson said the number one issue facing women in 2015 is domestic violence.

"The reality is a lot of issues effect domestic violence like shift work, family separation and monetary problems and Gladstone has particular difficulties with this," she said.

"On a more worldly scale, we women still need to achieve basic rights, clean water, maternal care and medical assistance."

Ms Benson said Zonta Gladstone's main role is to advocate these rights.

"We have more opportunities to fix issues these days and we're starting by implementing our 'Zonta says no' program and HIV generation campaign for those in Rwanda.

"Also, in August, we will run the first ever Gladstone young women in leadership program."

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