Your biggest moments of 2014

IN the final days of 2014, The Observer has asked 40 Gladstone residents what events from the past year were etched in their memories.

Marriages and births were remembered fondly, as were educational milestones.

Travel was another recurring theme, whether it was a holiday or moving to a new city.

Many of those interviewed said time spent with children and grandchildren was at the top of their list, and doubtless more family memories would be forged during the festive season as the year comes to a close.

Here are some of their responses:

Rae Matthews: I took a trip overseas to the Chelsea Flower Show, and the birth of another grandson.

Ryan and Kirst Webber: Getting married seven weeks ago in Byron Bay.

Keith Mattson: I retired on Friday. We have no plans for now, easing into Christmas and then maybe some travelling.

Vicki Olsen: Going to China. I went with my husband and some friends.

Debbie James: Moving up here to live with my husband from Newcastle on Good Friday.

Agatha Michalczyk Scoles: On March 14 I had my little boy Monty. I also travelled to Europe, so it's been a good year.

Iris Guivara: Travelling to see my family in Cairns. I'm in Gladstone to meet my great-grandson who was just born. That has been pretty special too.

Bianca Busteed: Graduating school. I went to Gladstone State High. It took forever!

Kevin Jorgensen: My youngest son not having cancer anymore. He was diagnosed at 16. He's now 20.

Cynthia Howe: Visiting my new granddaughter in Dubai. My son is in Dubai and I have one in Munich.

Nikita Skakun, 13: A holiday in Ukraine. We went there as a family because I was born over there, and we visited family.

What was your most memorable moment in 2014? Have your say in comments. And pick up a copy of Wednesday's Observer to see the big moments for 40 people in Gladstone.

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