STOP! Driving instructor says, don't ignore the signs

STOP signs seem to be a bit of a stumbling block for a number of motorists lately.

Not only do they stand out but they are also generally accompanied by a thick solid white line.

So if you happen to miss the sign you still have the white line to tell you what to do and yet road users still ignore the both of them.

One of the biggest mistakes I see is when someone has stopped at the stop line, checked traffic to see if it's safe to proceed and have moved off correctly, then the person behind them feels that because they had to stop behind the person in front they no longer have to stop at the stop line as well.

Stop signs are put at dangerous intersections and are there to help control that intersection to reduce the risk of a collision.

When approaching a stop sign you must slow down and come to a complete stop at the designated line (no rolling of your vehicle as this means you have not stopped).

Either count to three or spell stop (this makes sure you have come to a full stop and are not just pausing at the stop line).

Check for oncoming traffic in all directions then check again.

Once safe proceed with caution.

Either due to ignorance or distraction, stop signs and road markings must not be dismissed.

They are there for our safety and the safety of others.

I urge every road user to be a little bit more vigilant while driving and remain aware of those who are not obeying the road rules in order to help avoid near-misses.

From the team at Training Wheels Driver Training, happy and safe driving.

- Candita Hamblin

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