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Step-father takes the stand in court

A MAN accused of the indecent treatment of his step-daughter was called to give evidence today on the second day of his trial.

Earlier this week the Rockhampton District Court heard a police interview of the girl, then six, alleging her step-father came into the lounge room where she was sleeping and sexually assaulted her.

As the alleged incident had an unspecified date, the defendant told the court he was unable to comment on the night in question, but said there was one evening the girl could be referring to that fell between Cyclone Marcia and the birth of his son in April.

The defendant said one night he and the girl's mother were sitting outside when they heard her crying.

He maintains he went in to check on her, told her to go back to sleep and did not assault her adding, he hadn't remembered the evening until he watched a video of the girl giving evidence in late June.

Crown prosecutor Ryder Reid pressed the defendant on why he hadn't immediately told his lawyer he had remembered the evening, but the defendant said the memory developed over time and he was unsure of dates.

The defendant also said he hadn't told the girl's mother the exact details of the crime he is alleged to have committed but had told her "bits-and-pieces".

The trial continues.

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