Simon Lewis playing for the Elders team in the Gladstone Touch Association night mixed division 1 grand final.
Simon Lewis playing for the Elders team in the Gladstone Touch Association night mixed division 1 grand final.

Steelers show their mettle in touch decider

VETERANS CBH Steelers used all their tricks to win the Gladstone Touch Football first division mixed grand final on Saturday.

They defeated Elders, who made the grand final in their first season in first division, in a high-scoring match 15-8.

Elders were the quicker of the two teams but could not match the experienced combinations of the CBH Steelers.

CBH Steelers captain Matt Barker said his team's strength was how long they had been playing together.

"My parents started the team and we used to play with them," he said.

"Now we have my two sisters and my wife in the team. We know how each other plays."

Barker played in the Central Queensland touch team and used that experience to help the CBH Steelers.

"You learn little tricks like diving and sliding at that level and we try and do that here," he said.

"Elders were really good today after coming up from division two and will only get better next year."

Tamara Schonknecht from Elders said it was always going to be a tough coming in as underdogs.

"We played with zero girls subs so we had to stay on the field the whole time," she said.

"It was a high-scoring match and I was exhausted in the end."

Simon Lewis from Elders said he was impressed with how the CBH Steelers played.

"They aren't the fastest team in the competition but they know how to play touch," he said.

"They are very strategic and very co-ordinated which is something we will improve on over time."

Gladstone Touch Football president Jamie Oliver said with 15 grand finals on Saturday, it showed the popularity and strength of the sport in Gladstone.

"It's a great family sport. We have kids of all ages playing with their parents because it's such a social sport," he said.

"We also have plenty of divisions with a lot of high-quality players."

In the men's division one, Oaka Construction defeated CBH Steelers 6-4, CBH Steelers won the ladies division one against Office National 13-2 and Choppers defeated Think in the masters division 7-4.


  • Mixed Division 1: CBH Steelers defeated Elders 15-8
  • Mixed Division 2: Newprint HRG defeated Paragon 9-5
  • Mixed Division 3: Canetoads defeated Fanelli Dental 8-4
  • Mixed Division 4: Gibbs Garden Supplies defeated Jham Bar Joggers 8-7
  • Mixed Division 5: Hammertime defeated Chaos 11-3
  • Mixed Division 6: DC Demons defeated Cement Australia 4-2
  • Mixed Division 7: Misfits defeated Xporters 7-5
  • Mens Division 1: Oaka Construction defeated CBH Steelers 6-4
  • Mens Division 2: Newprint HRG defeated GPCS Guardians 6-4
  • Mens Division 3: BKD Designs defeated Tyco 7-2
  • Mens Division 4: Xport Blade Runners defeated Average Joes 5-4
  • Mens Division 5: Calley Diesel defeated Port City Pet World 7-5
  • Ladies Division 1: CBH Steelers defeated Office National 13-2
  • Ladies Division 2: Newprint HRG defeated Jetset Girls 9-3
  • Masters Division: Choppers defeated Think 7-4

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