Jail time for mum who stole eight chicken schnitzels

EIGHT stolen chicken schnitzels proved to be the final straw for Magistrate Robbie Davies as he sentenced serial thief Kahlia Maree Jackson to two months jail.

The 33-year-old mother appeared in Chinchilla Magistrates Court last Thursday where she pleaded guilty to stealing about $80 of meat from Drakes Chinchilla and a $129 hair removal device from Australia Post.

The court heard Jackson was also charged with two counts of contravening a direction by police, in both instances failing to provide identification.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Derek Brady told the court the first stealing incident occurred on December 11 last year, when Jackson took the hair removal device.

The meat was stolen about a month later on January 4 when Jackson entered Drakes Chinchilla, picked up the eight chicken schnitzels and other meat, and went through the self-service checkout without paying.

The court heard Jackson later told police she "couldn't remember" stealing the eight chicken schnitzels.

Magistrate Robbie Davies pointed out Jackson's seven-page history consisting mostly of "offences of dishonesty" as well as prior jail time.

"Would have thought that would have taught you," Magistrate Davies said.

In relations to the stealing, Magistrate Davies said it was one thing to steal food, another to steal "useless items" like the hair removal device.

The court heard Jackson had been seeing a counsellor to help with her serial shoplifting.

In sentencing Magistrate Davies said he needed to use the sentence as a deterrent for both Jackson and the wider community.

"The principle of last resort really doesn't apply to you," he told Jackson.

 "You've got to change your ways, you cannot take property from shops."

Jackson was sentenced to two months in prison - one for each stealing offence - and is eligible for parole on March 13.

A conviction was recorded. There was no further punished for the two contravene police direction charges.

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