Spruce the Bruce is a 10 year program of works.
Spruce the Bruce is a 10 year program of works. Brenda Strong

Spruce the Bruce: Check out the projects near you

THE Department of Main Roads says the Spruce the Bruce campaign is about upgrading a vital lifeline to Gladstone.

"We launched the Spruce the Bruce campaign to highlight the almost 200 projects underway or due to start in the coming months on the Bruce Highway," a spokesperson said.

"The projects are part of a 10-year program of works which will ensure this vital infrastructure asset can weather any storm and keep pace with our state's growth.

"We are currently informing the community on the campaign through our website and social media sites. 

"We're asking Queenslanders to factor delays into their journeys and to show some patience while we get on with these important works."

Motorists can visit 131940.qld.gov.au to obtain real-time information to help them plan their journey and factor in delays specific to where they are travelling.

"While motorists might be waiting longer now, they will soon benefit from a Bruce Highway that is safer, has more capacity and is flood resilient when the program of works is completed.

 "The Bruce Highway is a 1700km lifeline for this state and a vital link for Central Queensland cities and towns like Gladstone."


Bruce Highway Clearzone Clearing Budget: $1,800,000

Summary: Clear zone clearing works on the Bruce Highway between Miriam Vale and St Lawrence.

In total, about  300km of clearing undertaken to remove fixed rigid objects from within the road corridor. 

Depending on the location and road environment, the clear zone can range from nine metres to 18 metres from traffic lanes.

Project commenced: April/May 2014 Completed July 2014

Bruce Highway and Calliope River Road intersection lighting (Calliope) Budget: $631,000

Summary: Installation of intersection lighting at Calliope River Road and Bruce Highway intersection.

Project commenced: May 2014 Completed September 2014

Calliope Crossroads Intersection Upgrade Budget: $152 million

Summary: The project includes a new Bruce Highway overpass bridge, entry and exit ramps between the Bruce Highway and Dawson Highway, a separate loop bridge for Gladstone traffic travelling north on the Bruce Highway and duplication of the Dawson Highway to four lanes.

Project commenced: August 2012 Completed June 2014

Bruce Highway & Gentle Annie Road (Sinclair Street) Budget: $775,000

Summary: The upgrade works will include shoulder widening, construction of deceleration lanes and protected right-turn lanes into Gentle Annie Road and Sinclair Street.

The works will also include drainage improvements and removal of objects and vegetation from within the clear zone to provide a more forgiving road corridor, improving road safety.

Project commenced: March 2014 Completed July 2014

Bruce Highway, North of Mount Larcom Budget: $7.8 million

Summary:  This project of works includes widening and strengthening of 3.5km of the Bruce Highway, starting just north of the Mount Larcom Choice Service Station and continuing to south of Laws Creek.

The works, delivered by RoadTek (TMRs commercial arm), will include widening of the road, extension to and replacement of existing concrete culverts, pavement resurfacing, as well as upgrading the Taylor's Lane intersection.

Also, a northbound Heavy Vehicle Stopping Place (HVSP) will be constructed north of Mount Larcom, and the existing southbound HVSP opposite the Choice Service Station will be extended.

Project commenced: April 2014 Expected completion: October 2014

Bruce Highway & Tynan Street Intersection Upgrade (Marmor) Budget: $4.1 million

Summary:  The intersection upgrade includes protected turning lanes for Bruce Highway traffic entering Tynan Street, overhead lighting to improve safety at night and changes to the adjacent service station access/exit. 

Project commenced: September 2013 Completed June 2014

Bruce Highway and Eight Mile Creek Bridge Realignment (Bajool) Budget: $21.9 million

Summary: The design will realign the Bruce Highway closer to the rail corridor. 

The intent is to remove the tight corner and approach to Eight Mile Creek and relocate the Old Coach Road intersection to improve visibility and safety.

Project commenced: September 2013 Completed June 2014

Yeppen South Project Budget: $296 million

Summary:  The primary objective of the Yeppen South project is to minimise isolation (due to flooding) of Rockhampton and Northern Queensland from Southern Queensland during moderate and major flood events in the region. 

The Yeppen South project will provide a new elevated crossing of the Bruce Highway across the Yeppen Floodplain at a Q100 level (1 in 100 year flood level) from the Burnett Highway intersection to the Yeppen roundabout.

The project adjoins the Yeppen North project and will complete a Q100 Bruce Highway crossing of the Yeppen Floodplain.

Outside of flood events, the Yeppen South project will significantly increase the capacity of the Bruce Highway south of Rockhampton.

Northbound traffic will use the high-level corridor while southbound traffic will continue using the existing lanes.

In a flood, traffic will revert to 1 lane in each direction on the high-level bridge structure.

Project commenced: January 2014 Expected completion: 2016

Gin Gin to Benaraby - major works Bruce Highway (Cabbage Tree Creek to Carmans Road) - project underway

Project involves realigning 6.7km of the Bruce Highway

$50m project, funded by Australian Government (80%) and Queensland Government (20%).

Construction contract awarded to Winslow Construction Pty Ltd.

Construction underway and expected to be completed in October 2014, weather permitting

Bruce Highway (Back Creek Range) - project completed

Project involved realigning 3.7 kilometres of the Bruce Highway, including the section locally referred to as the 'Big Dipper'.

$50 million project, funded by federal government (80%) and state government (20%).

Construction contract undertaken by Seymour Whyte Construction Pty Ltd.

Project reached practical completion in April 2014, weather permitting

Minor works (topsoiling, fencing and tidy up works) were completed in early May 2014.  

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