CURTAINS UP: Bradley Carr and Kyla Ingham perform a scene from the musical.
CURTAINS UP: Bradley Carr and Kyla Ingham perform a scene from the musical. Julia Bartrim

Spooky scenes at the GECC

STUDENTS from Gladstone State High School sang and danced their hearts out at the final dress rehearsal yesterday before their first performance of the Mel Brooks musical, Young Frankenstein.

The musical, being held at the Gladstone Entertainment and Convention Centre took months of preparation with auditions held in February of this year and rehearsals starting in April.

Peta Pitt, the musical's director and head of the school's Arts department, said she had enjoyed the process of seeing it all come together.

"It's been a particularly fun journey," she said. The chorus learnt their stuff quickly, the leads brought (their) characters early, they are now polishing them...(and) making the magic happen".


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Mrs Pitt, who played the baroness in the recent production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the GECC, said it was a great opportunity for the kids to build up confidence in their abilities.

"The connections you make among the people,'s a personal growth opportunity," she said.

"I'm very proud of the kids, I'm very proud of my staff and very proud of what the students have created."

The lead actors in the musical, Bradley Carr, Mikeal Bobart, Kyla Ingham, Monique Morgan and Jonathan Easton were all looking forward to the first performance.

"There are a lot of quirky scenes" Monique said.

The students all agreed that Mrs Pitt had played an integral role in bringing them to this stage.

Putting on the musical has been a huge group effort, Mrs Pitt said.

"The teachers have been working on stage, on the set, supporting (the students) It's been wonderful watching them pull it all together."

Students and teachers collaborated to create set pieces and costumes, with help from Kathy's Kostumes.

Young Frankenstein tells the story of Frederick Frankenstein, a New York brain surgeon and professor, who inherits a castle and laboratory in Transylvania from his mad grandfather, Victor Von Frankenstein.

The musical has a lot of comedic elements to it, Mrs Pitt said

"It's all about the old school theatre experience."

The first performance of Young Frankenstein was held last night.

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