JUST PERFECT: Greg Realf knows a lot of spots around the region to visit, many which provide views like this one.
JUST PERFECT: Greg Realf knows a lot of spots around the region to visit, many which provide views like this one. Contributed

Fishers are spoilt for choice in Gladstone

LIVING in the Gladstone region whether you are at Agnes Water, Town of 1770, Tannum Boyne, or in the city or even out at the Boyne Valley we have it so good when it comes to options of places to wet a line.

There are so many camping spots available where it doesn't cost you a cent and others where you pay a token amount of money to Queensland Parks for the privilege of being able to use it and to help towards the costs of maintaining that spot.

Basically a user-pays system, but it really isn't much.

Places like Middle Creek, Yellowpatch, North West Island and a few others you will need to book through Queensland Parks so that these areas don't get overloaded with campers all at once, and put pressure on the local ecosystem.

One fella who is very in tune with excellent fishing spots along with camping spots is Greg Realf.

Now "Realfy" as he is affectionately known manages the GAPDL Visitor Information centres and the team at Miriam Vale and also Agnes Water and has done since Adam was a cowboy, but he knows this whole Discovery Coast like the back of your hand.

We have been manning the stalls for the Gladstone region at many tinny and tackle shows encouraging folk who are on holiday or planning a trip up here to visit the region, staying and fishing at some of the choice spots.

Many want to know where they can put their kayak in the water or where the boat ramps are for their tinnies, or if a road is suitable for a trailer etc.

This guy knows it all, but what he loves the most is chucking the swag and tarp in the tinny and finding a nice beach to camp on for the night which doesn't cost a cent.

There are heaps of them like Seven Mile, Rodds Bay/Harbour, Sand Fly Creek, Colosseum Inlet, Wild Cattle Creek, Facing Island, Curtis Island, Sea Hill, Keppel Creek and more.

Greg Realf showing off two bream on the one set of gangs.
Greg Realf showing off two bream on the one set of gangs.

These places are there for you to enjoy, but for goodness sake don't leave rubbish or smouldering fires there when you leave.

As you can see by Realfy's camp it's almost a postcard and to get two bream fighting over the one pilly, on a set of gang hooks is pretty cool.

As of Saturday afternoon, the wind looks as though it's turning southerly and dropping right out on Sunday morning, and at least until Tuesday evening it's predicted they will be light, and variable, right across the region.

A wee puff of northerly maybe Tuesday night, then turn southerly building to that 10-15 knot range, but for goodness sake get out on the water and line up that camp site to take the kids to in a few weeks when the school holidays are on.

Now if I were a reef species of fish I would certainly be worried about now, especially those in the deep water with the first quarter lunar phase happening next week as the tidal run drops off along with the swell and breeze.

Those chasing a feed closer to shore should certainly be aiming for the barra up through the harbour plus up around the bend in the Boyne around the Riverstone Rise development.

The rocky structures and back eddies are the ideal hunting ground for these ambush fish and you might even latch onto some healthy mangrove jack or some of those bream like Greg is holding.

There are plenty of crabs around at present, but a few are light on, so put those back to fill up for another day.

Don't forget if you are out on the water over the weekend or Monday and Tuesday chasing pelagics there are some billfish coming through the region and we would love a photo before you put it back in the water.

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