Trousers down, man threatened to pee on police car

Jayden Halcro received a suspended eight-month jail sentence.
Jayden Halcro received a suspended eight-month jail sentence. Mike Richards

WHEN Gladstone police saw Jayden Brae Halcro about to urinate on a wall at a block of units in Goondoon St at 2.30am, they jumped out of their car to stop him.

A drunken Halcro then foul-mouthed the officers, dropped his pants and threatened to pee on the police car.

He also later spat in the face of an officer.

Halcro, 27, pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court to serious assault of a police officer by spitting, assault and obstructing a police officer, and committing a public nuisance near the Reef Hotel on Sunday, March 22.


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"He said, 'I'll piss on your car,' then he pulled his trousers down," police prosecutor Nina Sulzer said.

"He was staggering and smelt strongly of alcohol. He continued walking toward police with his fists clenched."

Ms Sulzer said when police tried to grab Halcro's hand, he swore and struggled to get away.

More police were called to assist and Halcro and two officers ended up on the ground.

Halcro continued to resist after he was handcuffed and refused to walk, so police had to lift Halcro and carry him to the police van.

Ms Sulzer said while seated in the van's holding pod, Halcro drew back spittle in his throat and spat into the face of a constable, hitting him near the mouth.

Halcro was put in a padded cell at the police station, where Ms Sulzer said he became "extremely aggressive" and lashed out with his feet, striking an officer in the arm.

Jayden Halcro received a suspended eight-month jail sentence.
Jayden Halcro received a suspended eight-month jail sentence. Mike Richards

Defence barrister David Murray acknowledged the spitting offence as "disgusting" before citing extracts from precedent legal cases of assaults on police for magistrate Penelope Hay to consider on penalty.

He said Halcro later went to Gladstone police station and apologised to the constable for the bad behaviour.

"Mr Halcro said he was going to shake hands with the officer but thought he wouldn't want to touch me given what I'd done," Mr Murray said.

The barrister said Halcro would pay the officer $1500 compensation and had $1000 cash ready to pay to the court registry.

He pleaded for a reduced penalty on the grounds Halcro now had a medically diagnosed behavioural condition he was being treated for.

Mr Murray said Halcro was a "strapping young man" who enjoyed his job as a mechanical fitter.

He said, "ironically", Halcro's father was a large painting contractor whose company painted courthouses.

Mr Murray commented that while some people "manipulate the court processes to their own gain", he was not suggesting it here, with Ms Hay saying she would disregard that.

He provided details of a previous conviction of violence against his client involving "fisticuffs".

"I was disgusted at my actions, your Honour," Halcro said.

Ms Hay said she realised he was remorseful for his behaviour.

"You could have made a much better decision than to become so drunk," she said.

Halcro was sentenced to eight months jail, which was immediately suspended for two years, and ordered to pay $1500 compensation.

Halcro promised to stay away from alcohol in the future.

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