Deputy pushes for review of speed limits

DEPUTY mayor Matt Burnett wants to see the speed limits of all Gladstone council roads reviewed.

He said inconsistencies shrouded the current process and it meant local road safety was in question.

Mayor Gail Sellers said roads should only be reviewed if there was an accident or complaint from residents.

"This would be a massive job," she said.

>> Residents call for speed limit increase on Benaraby Rd

But Cr Burnett said time shouldn't be a factor, and as part of the review process all council-owned streets needed to be considered.

"They are our responsibility. We should go through them and decide whether 60kmh is still the appropriate speed.

"If it takes two years (to review), it takes two years," he said.

"Why are we not looking at all of (the roads)? Why did we change Auckland St to 50kmh from 60kmh and not Whitney or Mercury St?

"I want to know the criteria behind it. The theory is major feeder and collector roads are 60kmh.

"The reality is people still live on them (roads) and they are residential.

"Chapman Dr, for example, is a wide street and there are driveways there and schools and kids. Does it need to be 60kmh?"

He said busier roads and highways were a different story, but still should be looked into.

"I believe Gladstone-Benaraby Rd needs to be 90kmh or 100kmh. I think it should be 90kmh or 100kmh on the way to Yarwun, too," he said.

Council engineers will now compile a report of all the 60kmh roads in the Gladstone area, and provide an estimate of the cost of reviewing them all.

The Speed Management Committee, which includes representatives from police, Main Roads and council officers, is the local body that identifies roads that should have a speed limit review.


Ashley Horner: Benaraby Rd should go back to 100kmh.

Ashley Osborne: Auckland St back to 60 - and a reminder people, Toolooa is 60 not 45 or 50 as I've seen countless times.

Kym P Hannant: The whole of Gladstone needs to be re-thought. The roads are horrible; the town planning is just non-existent.

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