South-west Qld should prepare for flash flooding this summer

SOUTH-west Queensland residents must prepare for destructive storms.

The State Emergency Service said flash flooding was on the cards for the region.

The SES and other emergency services are on stand-by and prepared for the worst.

In 2010-11 flash floods struck across the state, killing 38 people and leaving nine missing.

SES south-western regional manager Robert Bundy said residents could end up stranded as waterways breached their banks.

He said infrastructure, including telephone and power poles would also be at risk.

"It's important to ensure your home is well prepared to withstand strong wind, heavy downpour and possible hail," Mr Bundy said.

"If you are in a flood-prone area, write down and practise an emergency plan detailing what you will do and where you will go in the event of severe weather and rising waters," he said.

"You should be prepared to survive in isolation for up to three days as severe weather could cut off roads and supplies, as well as power and telephone lines.

"Prepare an emergency kit, which should include water and non-perishable food supplies, necessary medication, first aid, batteries, dry clothes, handheld radio and food for your pets.

"During the storm, take shelter and stay tuned to warnings."

Mr Bundy said residents needed to stay out of floodwaters or they could lose their lives.

"Always remember - if it's flooded, forget it," he said.

"After the storm has passed, do not enter floodwaters and discourage others from doing so."

"Preparing your home and emergency plan before severe weather strikes can help reduce risk and contribute to a speedy recovery."


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